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4 Reasons To Choose A CBD Oil Mixed With A Carrier Oil

by Jon Weaver

There are many different products marketed under the term CBD oil, but they're all liquid extracts of some kind. Despite the oil name, some are alcohol based instead, while others are essential oils created through distillation. Soaking raw plant material in a neutral carrier oil, such as hemp or coconut oil, creates a different kind of extract also commonly called CBD oil. This kind of product has four distinct benefits over other types of CBD extracts.

Topical Power

Each formulation of CBD extract offers different characteristics, so naturally you should match the mixture to your condition and the results you need. When CBD extracts are suspended in a carrier oil, they absorb readily through the skin. The oil also makes it easier to spread the CBD compounds over the skin rather than getting them concentrated in just one spot. As long as an edible and food grade carrier oil is used, CBD oils are great for oral ingestion as well.

Residue Free

Almost all of the other extraction methods for harvesting CBD as an extract involve some kind of solvent or other chemical to help break the compound loose from the rest of the plant material. Even distillation and temperature based extractions result in impurities either being introduced into the CBD oil or coming along with the extract from the original material. Since carrier oils rely on a fat-based extraction method, CBD is easily isolated with practically no impurities to compromise the safety of your treatment.

Secondary Nutrients

Depending on what kind of carrier oil is used for the CBD oil mixture, you can enjoy a range of secondary health benefits by ingesting a wide range of amino acids and other valuable compounds. For example, hemp oil has an ideal balance of omega fatty acids that may have cancer preventative qualities. Olive oil and coconut oil are two other common carrier oils that offer their own unique nutritional profiles. When you're taking CBD oil daily as a supplement, these secondary effects really add up.

Overall Bioavailability

Finally, there is some research to suggest that the body has an easier time absorbing the active CBD compounds when the extract is nano-emulsified into a carrier oil. This effect is still being studied, but many CBD producers are already putting the technique to good use in hopes of making their products more effective for their customers. Be sure to test the dosage of a new CBD oil that may be more bioavailable before taking a full dose in case you experience different effects.

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