Eating For The Rest of Your Life

3 Reasons Why A Carbohydrate-Rich Beverage Might Be The Right Choice

by Jon Weaver

Today there are more and more diets where the goal is to cut as many carbohydrates as possible in an attempt to lose weight. However, if you have other goals for your body besides just strict weight loss, there are actually a number of reasons why you might want to increase your carbohydrate intake instead of reducing it. Here are three scenarios in which you might stand to benefit from a sports drink or nutritional shake that is intentionally heavy on carbs:

You Are an Endurance Athlete

Do you run marathons or are you training for your first one? Perhaps you enjoy swimming long laps in the pool or cycling across the country? Regardless of what kind of endurance activity you take on, you will find it more difficult to accomplish your goal if you don't have enough carbohydrates in your diet. A carbohydrate-rich beverage like certain sports drinks won't just replace fluid while you are exercising, it will also help replenish your body's blood glucose levels, which are essential for maintaining energy.

You Want to Gain Weight By Hitting the Gym

Some carbohydrate-rich beverages come in the form of nutritional shakes that intentionally try to help you pack on the pounds. Why would you want to do this? Well, if you want to gain weight by hitting the local gym, you'll need to provide your body with enough calories to get the job done. The right carb-heavy beverage can help you hit your daily calorie goal and gain the extra weight that you need. Most body builders will then go through a "cutting" phase, during which they eliminate carbs in order to turn all of the extra weight into muscle, so there's really no reason to worry too much while you are on the "building" or carb-heavy phase if you do it properly. Drink up!

You Need a Temporary Weight Gain for a Specific Event

If you are a boxer, a wrestler, or anyone else who gets weighed before a competition, you can use a carb-heavy beverage to help you hit your calorie goals without having to eat a million bananas. Obviously talk to your nutritionist or coach for best results, but if you start drinking carb-heavy beverages at the right time, it could help you ramp up your weight to ensure that you are heavy enough to get into the ring or other event stage.

Carbohydrates can be good for your body under certain circumstances. Talk to a supplier of carb-heavy beverages today for more information.