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Simple Ways To Enjoy Your Tupelo Honey

by Jon Weaver

What can you do with Tupelo honey? You can do just about anything, from eating it off a spoon to adding it to your muffin mix. The best ways to use Tupelo honey, though, tend to be the simple ways. You want to pair it with ingredients that complement its flavor without covering it up. After all, this rare and delicious honey is not cheap, and it's in pretty short supply! Here are a few simple ways to use and truly enjoy your Tupelo honey.

With Goat Cheese on Crostini

There's just something special about the combination of honey and goat cheese. The really light, delicate flavor of Tupelo honey makes it an especially nice pairing for cheese. Spread a little goat cheese on a crunchy crostini, drizzle over some Tupelo honey, and enjoy. You can add a couple of sweetened, dried cranberries to the top if you like.

Over Fruit

If you want to jazz up your fruit without making a complicated fruit salad, try drizzling it with a little Tupelo honey. The honey is lovely over sliced bananas. It's also the perfect addition to strawberries that are not quite as sweet as you'd like. You can even dip your apple slices in Tupelo honey for a nice fall snack — it's like a healthier version of caramel apples.

Stirred Into Lemon Water

Do you wish your lemon water were a little sweeter? Try stirring in a little Tupelo honey. Just half a teaspoon to a teaspoon in the average glass of lemon water will give it some natural sweetness without making true lemonade. Make sure you are using filtered water so any impurities do not distort the delicate flavor of the Tupelo honey — and fresh-squeezed lemon juice is a must, too!

Over Vanilla Ice Cream

Honey as an ice cream topping? Yes, please! It is so much healthier for you than store-bought ice cream syrups made with high-fructose corn syrup. Tupelo honey is best over a really high-quality vanilla ice cream made with a high percentage of fat. The light sweetness cuts through the fat nicely and really balances it out.

Next time you see Tupelo honey for sale, make sure you buy an extra bottle or jar! Once you get started using the honey in these simple ways, you will enjoy its benefits and want to continue working it into your regular meal routine. Enjoy!